Treasury Management and Payment Solutions

Leverage the tools to run your business smoothly 

Maximize efficiency with our tech-based solutions

At Community Bank, we offer services that can streamline your operations, cut costs and provide a variety of other benefits. Whether you're looking to accept more payment forms or make fewer trips to the bank, Community Bank offers affordable answers to your everyday challenges.

Merchant Services

Better payment processing capabilities for your business. 

  • Accept most credit and debit cards
  • Upgrade your e-commerce capabilities
  • Generate data for marketing campaigns and more

Remote Deposit Capture

A special scanning system allows your business to deposit incoming checks directly from your workplace.

  • Make deposits after traditional banking hours and on weekends
  • Improve cash flow
  • Fewer trips to the bank

Wire Transfers & ACH

Save time and reduce payment processing costs by sending and receiving funds electronically.

  • Domestic and international wire transfers
  • Help ensure secure transmissions
  • Easily originate payments with Online Banking tools

Business Online and Mobile Banking

Easily manage your accounts anytime with online banking and our mobile app.

  • See your big financial picture with a few clicks
  • Closely monitor transactions
  • Quickly transfer funds to support your business

Community Bank is a full-service institution providing solutions to customers in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Northwestern West Virginia.