Remote Deposit Capture

Streamlined check processing saves time and money.

Our special scanning system allows deposits straight from the workplace.

Added convenience
No more late afternoon trips to the bank by busy staff members or paid couriers.
Accelerated availability
Get your funds into your account faster, enhancing your overall cash flow.
Extended deposit window
Make deposits after traditional banking hours, on weekends and in severe weather.
Easy tracking
The entire scanning, deposit and check-clearing process can be viewed online.

A simple process leads to big savings 

It’s easy to get started with Remote Deposit Capture services. All your business needs is an Internet-connected computer, a small desktop check scanner and the Community Bank app. Checks are passed through the scanner, which creates a digital image. The image files are then transmitted through a secure connection to us, where they are quickly routed to your business checking account. 

  • Reduce check deposit preparation costs  
  • Generate a daily deposit summary
  • Easily access listings of past payments from a particular customer or client
  • Reduce fraud risks that come from transporting checks in public places

Businesses that can benefit from Remote Deposit Capture:

  • Manufacturers and distributors 
  • Real estate property management firms
  • Health care providers, including physician offices and hospitals
  • Financial companies, including insurance and brokerage firms
  • Utilities, including government entities and other tax collection agencies

For more information, contact your local Community Bank Branch or the Treasury Management Specialists at 724-966-3222 or email [email protected]

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