Auto Loans

Drive your dream car today.

Purchase your next car, truck or SUV with our driver-friendly financing.

New or used
Choose the vehicle that fits your budget and your family's needs.
Fixed-rate loans
Predictable monthly payments make long-range financial planning easier.
Flexible terms
Take 36 to 66 months to pay off a new vehicle or 24 to 48 months for a used vehicle.
Make it automatic
Arrange for convenient loan payments to be made directly from your checking account.

We're ready to get you on the road

You rely on your car, truck, or SUV for everything from workday commutes and weekend getaways to shopping trips and school pick-ups. And you can rely on us for affordable auto financing that helps you get everywhere you need to go.

  • Friendly assistance from our experienced lenders
  • Get preapproved for an auto loan so you can focus on vehicles in your price range
  • Debt Cancellation Policies available as protection against job losses, illness, and injuries

Auto insurance required for Community Bank loans

Community Bank is a full-service institution providing solutions to customers in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Northwestern West Virginia.