Equipment Finance

Acquire the tools your business needs to get the job done.

Gain a competitive edge by investing in the latest machinery and technology.

Modernize or expand
Our equipment finance loans are designed for industries ranging from construction to manufacturing to health care.
Business-friendly rates
We know that controlling financing costs is an important key to long-term success.
Flexible terms
Equipment finance loans can be customized to account for your cash-flow situation and business cycles.
Knowledgeable team
Our commercial lenders understand the needs of a wide variety of businesses in many industries.

Our team is well-equipped to serve you

Having the right equipment - and enough of it - is essential to operating at peak efficiency. We understand the various equipment finance options that make financial sense for businesses to acquire machinery, technology and commercial vehicles. Our Commercial Relationship Officers can offer insight and assist you in obtaining the financing to power your business forward.

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