Letters of Credit

A letter from Community Bank can facilitate trade and serve bonding needs.

We provide documents that guarantee payments to suppliers and business partners.

Variety of letters
We offer Commercial, Standby, Revolving, Traveler's and Confirmed Letters of Credit.
Go global
Facilitate your business's involvement in international trade, as Letters of Credit are often required in import/export deals.
Attention to detail
We focus on the details to help prevent payment and shipping delays.
Cost control
We charge competitive fees and no interest payments for Letter of Credit services.

Letters that grease the wheels of commerce  

If your business is working with a new supplier or vendor - or with a company located outside the U.S. - you may be asked to provide a letter of credit. The document provides the other party with assurances that any payment you owe will be received on time and in the correct amount. Such letters expedite business dealings by giving other parties the confidence to ship goods before receiving your payments.   

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